Deborah Harrold

Senior Lecturer, Political Science and Liberal and Professional Studies


Deborah Harrold works with Professional and Organizational Development (POD) to explore new projects for Penn and the College of Liberal and Professional Studies and to extend our programs to new students and employers. She is involved with Penn LPS Online’s new degree program, the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS), and is developing new courses in global studies for the online platform. In addition to her work with POD and LPS, she teaches in the Political Science Department at Penn and in Wharton’s Lauder program. 

Deborah is a political scientist with interests in comparative studies, the Middle East and North Africa, cultures of economics, and issues of gender and women. She holds a PhD in political science from the University of Chicago. She has presented published on aspects of economics, culture and politics in Algeria: on informal markets, women’s political space, economic discourse, and interest articulation. 

Professional & Organizational Development

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